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ABC new upgrade, do a god assists on your changing road
Busy city life, depressed for a long time, are you looking forward to using a change to add a little color to your life? Some days are suitable for taking off high heels and running for a pair of comfortable sports shoes. And some times you should bid farewell to boring mobile phone screens to discover the highlights which were missed in your life.
Changes often occur to women at random times.Such as, from impossible without meat become to learn "eating green grass", and change from habit of sleeping late to early sleeping, every minute change is quietly affecting women, making women more mature and perfect.As a domestic high-end female personal care brand, ABC deeply understanding most women desire for change. So the product is upgraded, giving women more care and enjoyment in menstrual period, let women fully enjoy the changing fun of products!
ABC renewal and upgrading design has made deepen research on surface materials, towel body designs, blue cores, and internal and external packaging upgrades. The attitude of perfection and nuanced experience have all shown that ABC is constantly seeking quality.
Ergonomic sanitary napkin design is not only close to the body but also intimate.

The new ergonomic body design, petal-like wing design, more easily fit underwear.Perfect fit, comprehensive care of privacy, so that menstrual comfort experience will be upgraded again.

AB intelligent air permeable hole, let the breath more quickly, to achieve goals in one step.
The new ABC smart vent surface layer, A hole is the role of rapid infiltration, B hole role is breathable, absorption rate increased by 26.8%, so let the difficult menstrual period can be easy to spend.
Newly upgraded blue core makes absorption more powerful
The raw material of blue core 2 generation upgrade to absorption rate increased by 30%, and dry core 30% increase in the blue core 3 generations.Enable you don have fear in the days of heavy menstrual period, make women feel comfortable and free, let women move or quietly can follow your heart!
The packaging is updated making the face value doubles
The new packaging is mainly designed with elegant gold/rose gold color. The gradual and round design shows ABC more comprehensive care for women. It also represents the mentality of women in the new era looking for change anytime and anywhere, and is more in line with the aesthetic request of modern women.

In the new era, most of women refuse to compromise, and the selection of menstrual care products will never compromise too, also request high-value, high-quality products, to enjoyed at a time in the menstrual period.In order to satisfy the growing aesthetic taste of the majority of women and the rigorous demand for quality, ABC will "achieve" your perfect dream in the name of change.Time is changing, but the purpose of ABC hopes to keep all women alive and healthy will not change at all.From the four new upgrades, enable them do a good job between gestures.

ABC propose "change, only to be more perfect" to call on women not to define "perfection"as a kind of constraint, but to set higher standards for themselves and work hard for them.Let all women follow their hearts and discover the true beauty, do not fear the change.It is an indispensable feature for every woman who has taste and understanding of life.Good menstrual care products allow women to enjoy a more comfortable life, and always bloom with confidence and brilliance.Let women be more calm when facing with challenges and be more determined when facing changing.Let ABC be your only choice on the road of changing!