About Kingdom Healthcare


Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission

    We strive to provide quality, pleasant and healthy personal care products to customers so as to improve people's quality of life constantly.

  • Vision

    Be recognized as one of the leading Chinese personal care products companies.

Core Value

  • People First People-Count

    People are the most valuable asset in the Company. We provide fair and open platform for all individuals. We value our people, encourage their development, embrace diversity and reward them.
  • Integrity

    We create an atmosphere of respect, fairness and honesty towards our consumers, colleagues and partners. We continually strive to improve and ensure we act in the best interest of our customers to maintain high standard of performance and superiority of products. 
  • Leading Change

    We are committed to lead market growth and consumer satisfaction by exploring new opportunities in the field of research and development (R&D), production, marketing and management model.
  • Pursuing Excellence Staying Proactive

    We strive to provide the most distinctive competences in all aspects of strategic importance to the customers, colleagues and society in order to gain and sustain competitive advantage of future growth. 
  • Go Green

    Corporate Social Responsibility is firmly embedded in our roots and has been a major contribution to the growth and success of the company. We will continue to implement tangible contributions towards sustainable future. 
  • Mutual Prosperity

    We ensure we act in the best interest of our stakeholders at all time and embrace any changes that will improve the long term prosperity intelligently.