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Top Recommended DLP TVs for 2012

Below are our selections for the Top DLP Rear Projection TVs for 2012. These recommendations are based on quality, feature set, price and value considerations and change frequently based on new models entering the marketplace. Click on the picture of the TV for specs and pricing information.

DLP TV Articles

Mitsubishi DLP TV Picture Quality Characteristics

When viewed from directly in front DLP televisions have excellent picture quality that rival any of the other modern TV technologies. Like plasma there is no worry about motion blur and like LCD/LED televisions there is no worry about burn-in from having a static image on the screen for extended periods.

Colors on DLP televisions are rich and blacks are dark for good picture contrast. When it comes to picture size and quality vs. price DLP offers an excellent value. Read More...

Mitsubishi TV Problems and Troubleshooting Repair Guide

Having troubles with your Mitsubishi DLP television? See this article for some quick fixes that could save you some money or a call to a support technician.

Our Mistubishi DLP Troubleshooting guide has easy steps that will solve some common issues in minutes. Read More...

How To Buy A DLP Television in 8 Easy Steps

Welcome to the DLP TV Buying Guide. Think of this as your guide to the latest and greatest in visual display technology. It is a resource that will help you choose the right DLP television for you-whether you intend to use it at home, for business, or in tradeshows.

Our DLP TV Buying Guide will take you through everything you need to know and thus consider before you buy a DLP display-all in 8 easy-to-follow steps. Read More...

Lamp Replacement for DLP and LCD Rear-Projection TVs

Rear Projection Televisions are not like other televisions that can run maintenance-free for 20 years or more. They need to have their lamps changed on occasion, and most have air filters that need to be cleaned every month or two. Lamps typically last about 8,000 hours on most models high end models, some of the cheaper models last only 1,000-2,000 hours. Keep in mind however that some lamps won't make it all the way to their estimated life spans. If you operate your LCD or DLP TV in a warm environment that is not adequately ventilated, or at higher elevations, this can reduce lamp life. Read More...

DLP TV Replacement Lamps


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